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OGWhatsApp is yet another modification of WhatsApp that provides users with a straightforward, uncluttered, and free messaging service while preserving the app’s functionality and security.

The mod creators incorporated several sophisticated features that are very helpful for those who seek an improved privacy setting. The mod developers introduced these features. OGWhatsApp has additional privacy features, allowing users to control their connections and choose which contacts may see their information and which contacts are permitted to send them messages.

The original WhatsApp app does not need any introduction. It is a widely used messaging application that boasts over 500 million active users on a daily basis. On the other hand, since the original program lacked some functionality, this resulted in the development of WhatsApp modifications.

Here in this post, we will learn more about OGWhatsApp’s features and how to download the OGWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version.

What is OGWhatsApp?

OGWhatsApp is a modified version of the widely used messaging application, which provides its customers with a messaging service that is user-friendly, practical, and safe. In addition, the creators of this mod included new features so that users may make use of more privacy and security options.

Users of OGWhatsApp have access to an enhanced number of security capabilities, including the ability to choose who may see their profile pictures and status updates and who can get in touch with them. Because of these qualities, it is one of the most trustworthy messaging programs that can be downloaded.OGWhatsApp APK Download for Android

The most recent version of OGWhatsApp’s APK includes several new features that the app’s developers added. For example, deleted communications may be retrieved, and your online status can be concealed using these tools. OGWhatsApp is a fantastic option among the All WhatsApp mods out there. 

The original WhatsApp application motivated the development of OGWhatsApp by AlexMods. This customized version has a wide variety of remarkable enhancements. Because of this, people like using this program, and as a result, it has grown in popularity in a very short time. You will have a great time using all of the extra features introduced to the OGWhatsApp that are missing from the original version of WhatsApp.

Another interface that was built for the OGWhatsApp that HeyMods produced is unique in comparison to the interface that was developed for the original WhatsApp program. When compared to the original WhatsApp program, this modified version includes a significant number of new capabilities.

About OGWhatsApp: 

2013 saw the launch of the first version of OGWhatsApp, which Team XDA developed. It is a customized version of WhatsApp that contains features practically identical to those found in the original version of WhatsApp. In addition, a new update for the APK version has been published and comes with several additional features.

The second developer, Team AlexMods, followed in Team XDA’s footsteps and created their version of OGWhatsApp. This particular version of OGWhatsApp is distributed as a zipped file.

The user must first extract the.apk file from the larger file before beginning the download. Check that your mobile device meets the OGWhatsApp system requirements before downloading the app.

It’s possible that some versions of AlexMods won’t operate with your device. During the installation process, some individuals have reported seeing an error message that reads, “app is not responding. 


Use two WhatsApp accounts. 

With the OGWhatsApp app version, you can now acquire two separate WhatsApp accounts without purchasing new network cards or using a different phone. Previously, this required you to have two separate phones and required you to have two separate WhatsApp accounts.

This version of WhatsApp enables a regulated and balanced switching back and forth between accounts, without the contacts or conversations from one account interfering with one another. You can create many accounts without having to join a new network. You can utilize the same network you already have and set up two separate accounts.

Whatsapp Locker Built-in 

Your conversation with other contacts is a private date you do not want Anyone to see. Users have been seeking a safe method to shield their communications from being seen by other people since it was released. Even if you look at a developer not affiliated with WhatsApp, you won’t find anybody who has created an extension or a standalone locker for WhatsApp. You may prevent unauthorized users from accessing your app by using the built-in locker with OGWhatsApp. If you suspect someone might breach your trust and go through your chats, it is a good option to secure it.

Pre Built-Message schedule 

OGWhatsApp’s most recent update includes the much-requested addition of this function, and users are delighted to have it. The in-built message scheduler is particularly helpful for those who need to send messages at a certain time but cannot get online. Therefore, the creators incorporated the built-in message scheduler, allowing users to send messages at a later time to overcome this problem.

Copying Anyone’s status

Because of this functionality, you can copy any user’s status into your clipboard. However, you cannot copy and paste another user’s status easily inside the official version of the program. When using OGWhatsApp, you can copy a contact’s status and then paste it anywhere you choose. The most recent release of OGWhatsApp has this functional upgrade.

Anti-Ban APK 

In the past, using WhatsApp mods exposed your account to the possibility of being suspended or banned by WhatsApp Inc. The main reason is that a third-party developer develops this mod. Therefore, the original WhatsApp does not recognize this mod as their app and red flags it.

Even if you use a third-party mod of the messaging app, your account will not be banned since the software is equipped with an anti-ban mechanism. This is an amazing and important feature that OGWhatsApp has since many other modded app gets banned from to time which can be a hustle for the users.

Easily set a background image. 

We are all familiar with the lock screen and the backgrounds of the phone screens but were you aware that there is also a backdrop for the WhatsApp screen? Indeed, you now can add a background image to your conversations on WhatsApp. Behind the scenes of WhatsApp. Aside from that, you are free to submit whatever photo you like. In addition, you have the option of importing photographs directly from your display into the visit screen, as well as transferring tests to the screen.

Rooted Status-Download Feature 

Only photos and videos posted to a user’s status could be seen in the original version of WhatsApp. However, because this function is not limited to only chatting, using the messaging app is much more enjoyable than it would be.

You may add even more enjoyment to the experience by using the status downloading ability of OGWhatsApp so that you can share and keep track of those memories. This option is for those who want to keep the nostalgic feeling going when looking at the old status and memories.

Make a call to non-added contacts. 

There are occasions when you need to speak with a single individual about a single transaction. To communicate with someone using the official version of WhatsApp, you will need to store their phone number on your device.

This comes with the hassle of deactivating their number as soon as possible once the transaction has been completed. However, you won’t have to remember to store a number in your phonebook if you use OGWhatsApp since the app makes it simple to communicate with any number through call or text.

Write a status of up to 250 words. 

Within the official app, you are only allowed 130 characters to describe your current state. The writing limit may be quite hard for you. Why limit your writing to 130 words when you have more to say and express?

The limit has been raised to 250 characters in the most recent version of OGWhatsApp. This is wonderful for those of you who like to use lengthy and many phrases for your status. So use OGWhatsApp and express your feelings by writing more.

Set Group name to more than 35 characters. 

Another aspect contributing to WhatsApp’s widespread adoption is its capacity to send group messages. With this app, we can enjoy staying in contact with our loved ones, whether they be family, friends, or even coworkers.

On the original WhatsApp, the names of groups are limited to a maximum of 25 characters. However, you can now expand the maximum number of characters for your group name to 35 with the most recent version of OGWhatsApp.

Block your particular contact’s calls 

You can prevent a certain contact from calling you by accessing this option inside the OGWhatsApp APK settings. You will notice the option to block callers, and you should add the number of the individual who has been phoning you and being a nuisance to the list. Therefore, there would be no way for stalkers or other obnoxious individuals to contact you. This mod will assist you in continuing your contact with other individuals and continuing your text conversations with the same person.

Send more than 90 images. 

Compared to other messaging apps available, WhatsApp enables users to transmit photos of a higher quality, which is one of the app’s many beneficial features. However, using this app, you can only transmit a maximum of 10 photos at one time.

We are aware of how time-consuming and monotonous the procedure is since it requires you to repeatedly choose photographs from your mobile device. On the other hand, OGWhatsApp enables you to share over 90 images simultaneously, which enables you to submit everything at once.

Theme Option

In the official version of WhatsApp, the only customization option available is for the chat window’s background image; there is no option to change the app’s overall appearance, which is inconvenient. However, if you use the OGWhatsApp APK, you can customize the various components of the app’s main interface. The quantity of articles is also not restricted, and you are free to choose any topic you want.

Hiding Online Status

You can hide your online status while using the OGWhatsApp APK. This function will not reveal your online presence; you can also choose a certain time to reveal the last time you used your WhatsApp app. This feature, among the best available when protecting users’ privacy, is not included in the official version of the application.

Transfer Multimedia Files

On the official version of WhatsApp, users are only allowed to send a certain amount of multimedia files simultaneously. However, if you use the original WhatsApp APK, you can transfer up to 90 different types of files, including movies, photos, and other documents. You don’t have to keep picking files over and over again since you can send everything to your contacts at the same time.

Remove Forwarded Tag

When using the official version of WhatsApp, if you send a message to another user or anybody else, that message will be marked as “Forwarded” in the news feed. However, suppose you install the OGWhatsApp APK. In that case, you may take advantage of this capability to remove the ‘Forwarded’ tag from messages that have been forwarded to your contacts before you send those messages.


The OGWhatsApp allows users to download emoticons and then transmit them to their friends in a contextually appropriate manner. Because of this amazing feature, you will easily express yourself to other people.

Download OGWhatsApp APK Latest version 2022

Before you download the OGWhatsApp APK Latest version, please check that your device satisfies the prerequisites before downloading the APK file. These requirements include the version of the Android operating system you are using and enough storage space for the data associated with your app.

The OGWhatsApp mod is a reliable alternative for its customers. To begin the download process, choose the option that reads “Download OGWhatsApp APK” from the page . We have taken precautions to ensure that the download link we have supplied to you is both safe and secure by our experts.

  • Name of the App: OGWhatsApp
  • Variant:  Latest Version
  • File Size: 51.8 MB
  • Requirement: Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Last Updated: 01 October 2022


How can I download OG WhatsApp? 

Because it does not have an official website, the only way to get the OG WhatsApp APK is to search the internet for “OG WhatsApp” and then choose a website from which to obtain it. However, not all sire provides the secure APK file of OGWhatsApp. Some sites provide links to APKs that contain viruses or bugs. This virus can easily infect the operating system of your device and face many technical issues. To avoid such a horrible outcome, you can download the file from our page, which is completely safe.

How can I Install OG WhatsApp? 

You might be wondering, “How can I install OGWhatsApp”? Well, the process is pretty simple. First, download the APK file from our page, which is free from any virus. Then, after the APK file has been downloaded, go to the Downloads folder or where the file is stored, whichever is appropriate.

Tap on the OGWhatsApp APK when you’ve located it. The installation procedure will start immediately after this and may take a few seconds to complete. After installing, you can access the mod and immediately investigate its capabilities.

Is it safe to install OGWhatsApp Pro on Android devices? 

Yes, it is safe to install OGWhatsApp Pro on Android devices. Here is what you have to do-

  • To begin, download the OGWhatsApp APK file from this page to install it on your smartphone.
  • Tap the option labeled “Unknown Sources” once the file has been downloaded.
  • After that, launch the file manager on your smartphone, and install the OGWhatsApp APK application.
  • Wait till the process of installation is finished before continuing.
  • After the OGWhatsApp APK software has been downloaded and installed on your smartphone, you can begin using the app immediately.

Is OGWHatsApp Official App? 

OGWhatsApp APK is not the official app. However, it is the best-modified version of the official WhatsApp program available for Android phones. It adds a great deal of functionality above the standard version. It offers consumers simple, useful, and safe messaging options that they may take advantage of.

The creators have included many new features in this modified edition so that their consumers may benefit from enhanced privacy and safety options. Because its creators have included these features, the OGWhatsApp APK is now one of the most reliable messaging apps that can be downloaded from reliable sites like this page.

Can I remove OGWhatsApp Pro when I want to? 

Yes, you can, and to do that, you have to follow these easy steps-

  • The process of uninstalling GBWhatsApp is the same as it is for all other programs available for Android. The quickest method involves looking for the icon among the programs you have installed, pressing and holding it for a few seconds until a drop-down menu with a few choices appears, and selecting App Info from the menu.
  • In the next box, choose the program you want to delete from your device and then hit the Uninstall button.

If we don’t want to lose the conversations that have been taking place inside the app, it is highly recommended that we generate a backup of them before deleting the software. To generate a backup, for this reason, go to the program’s Settings menu and choose one of the options that are accessible for this purpose. As a result, you will be able to retrieve them and then restore them whenever you install the app again.

How to update OGWhatsApp Pro? 

Because this is a modified version of the original messaging app, you will not be able to acquire updates via official software distribution sources such as the Google Play Store. So you have to download the latest OGWhatsApp APK file to get the updated one from a reliable site like this page. Always check back on this page for any changes about OGWhatsApp. Download the updated APK file and install it on your device to keep your app up to date. This procedure will update the version of the app that is currently installed on your mobile device automatically.

Final Words: On this page, you will find a link to a free download of the OGWhatsApp APK, which is a modified version of WhatsApp, This fantastic mod known as OGWhatsApp, is filled to the brim with brilliant and exciting new features that aren’t available in the Original WhatsApp, can be found here.

When you download and install this on your mobile device, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of customization choices in addition to additional security functions. As a result, it not only protects your privacy but also enables you to communicate with other individuals in a manner that is not publicly visible.

You do not have to have root access to rapidly communicate lengthy and huge files, exchange answers using emojis and stickers and do much more.

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