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08 September 2022
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Among the most popular messaging service platforms, Whatsapp is considered one of the top. There is a high chance that you or people you know around you are using WhatsApp daily. It is a free instant messaging program that can be downloaded on both the Android and iPhone platforms.

It gives you the ability to send individual or group text messages to other users of the app. The features that Original WhatsApp provides may seem beneficial for communication, but many users got tired of the same standard feature, which does not provide you any additional customization authority.

This is where the GBWhatsApp comes in, providing many customizable features that the original WhatsApp app does not provide. So if you are a user of the original WhatsApp who is bored with using the same standard features that have very less room for customization, then GBWhatsApp is for you, which is very popular for providing fun and exciting features.

An improved version of the widely used messaging software WhatsApp, also known as GBWhatsApp, was introduced in 2016 as an experiment but has since evolved into a full-fledged service.

The app provides its users with a variety of different features, many of which are intended to protect users from the monitoring and tracking activities of other parties.

What Is GBWhatsApp MOD? 

GBWhatsApp is a fun and exciting modified version of the original WhatsApp app. This modified app has many features that users can use which are not provided in the original WhatsApp. Among the many exciting features, some of the mentionable are customizable themes, the ability to send more than allowed photos at once, view deleted status updates, retain deleted messages, etc.

You might notice that GBWhatsApp is not available in the Google Play Store. The reason behind this is this modified app is not certified by Google. However, it is entirely safe to use. You can download GBApps and enjoy these amazing features, which are provided by the GB WhatsApp latest version, as long as you make sure to download from our website.

You are unable to do many things as a user of the original green WhatsApp, such as saving messages, conversations, and all of your account information in a file. This is one of the many things that you can do if you use the modified application of WhatsApp known as GBWhatsapp, which was developed by a young Arab man who wished to remain anonymous.

You can use this app to store messages that you normally end up deleting from discussions, but you can also use it to delete messages from conversations. “Your Chat” is an excellent feature for those who maintain a constant level of communication with their loved ones, particularly their friends and family, and who want to save their messages as a cherished memento that can be accessed at any time.

One of the most intriguing aspects of GBWhatsapp is the ease and simplicity with which users can write messages and share those messages with one another, even if the two users are not in the same location. You can start a chat with any phone number by using this option, which is known as sending a message to an unsaved number. It is a helpful feature that eliminates the need to register the number of the other user in order for it to be shown to you.

Is GBWhatsapp Safe? 

The answer is not that simple to justify. GBWhatsApp APK is a mod of WhatsApp that is very popular and in great demand. GBWhatsApp offers a wide variety of additional features and capabilities over and beyond those offered by the standard version of WhatsApp.

It gives users access to a wide variety of features, such as an auto-reply, various privacy settings, the ability to customize themes and fonts, and much more. However, there is a possibility that includes the presence of malicious software and viruses on GBWHatsApp servers since they have a lower level of security.

In addition, it is not officially supported, and users who are detected while using modifications may be banned from the official WhatsApp service. Therefore, you should give it consideration before installing WhatsApp modifications on any of your devices. But if you want to enjoy additional features, then it is a great app to use.

Is GBWhatsapp Harmful?

Since it is a modified version of the Original WhatsApp and not the real source, there are some risks that come with it. The official WhatsApp platform now prevents users from installing WhatsApp Mods. Many individuals have come out to admit that they use WhatsApp Mods. If you are detected using WhatsApp Mods, the official version of WhatsApp has the ability and can permanently ban your account. Therefore, take caution and give it some strong thought before installing WhatsApp mods such as GBWhatsApp.

Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest version 2022

Now let us talk about how to download the GBWhatsApp APK Latest version 2022. You can download the GBWhatsApp APK Latest version 2022 here. The GBWhatsApp APK file may be downloaded onto any device that runs Android. On this page, you can download GBWhatsApp for Xiaomi and GbWhatsApp for Mi, as well as GBWhatsApp for Samsung, GBWhatsApp for Vivo, GBWhatsApp for Oppo, and GBWhatsApp for Realme phones. All producers of Android smartphones like Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Mi, and so on are supported.

Make sure that your mobile device is able to support the installation of applications from unknown sources before beginning the process of downloading this mod. If you have a Windows-based personal computer, you should certainly have a look at this instructional activity to ensure that you are able to operate Android games or software on a PC correctly.

GBWhatsapp APK File Details:

  • The details of the GBWhatsapp APK File Details are given below-
  • Name of the App: GBWhatsApp APK
  • Required Android Version: 4.3 and Above
  • Version: Latest Version
  • Size of the App: 44.3 Mb
  • Requirements for Root: No Root is required
  • Reason for usage: Modified App of Orginal WhatsApp containing Extra Features


Requirements of GBWhatsApp are minimum, for which most android users can use this app for their benefit. The minimum requirement to use GBWhatsApp is determined by finding the minimum operating system that the device needs. The minimum requirement is having a device of Android 4.0.3 and above. Before the installation, you are required to activate the “Unknown sources” option, which can be found in Settings>Applications.

GBWhatsApp Full Features

GBWhatsApp is a fun and exciting modified app that is very useful for its features. The features are given below-

Do Not Disturb(DND) 

It is a very handy mod when you want to use the internet but don’t want others to see double ticks of your messages, or WhatsApp messages will not bother you. As the name suggests, DND mode means “do not disturb mode,” and as the name suggests, the mod means “do not disturb.” Use this option and enjoy your time in online presence without giving away to the people whom you don’t want to.

Scheduler for massage 

This function might be of tremendous use to users who want to convey their best wishes to their friends and family at just the right moment. For example, birthday wishes are sent late at night or early in the morning. You are able to choose the recipients to whom you would want to send the message, as well as the date, time, and message that you wish to send.

Status Download 

You may now download status updates with GB WhatsApp. You won’t have to bother anybody else to give you an image or video that someone else posted as part of their status update anymore. This is one of the app’s features that receives the most positive feedback from users.

Extended Limit 

The majority of us just want to be able to accomplish more with the applications that we use, yet occasionally some applications can restrict us. When you use the GBWhatsApp, you not only have the ability to email more but also to write more. In GBWhatsApp, it is possible to send a broadcast message to up to 600 individuals at the same time using WhatsApp, and you may send up to 90 photographs with a single click instead of only 30 images.

In addition to higher limitations on the file size of movies that you may share, you also have the ability to create a status update that is up to 255 characters long, which is more than the official WhatsApp allows. The amount of characters that may be saved inside a group name is likewise much higher. Obviously, these aren’t all of the GB WhatsApp features that are accessible to users of the program; users also have access to a lot more.

More Customization and Control 

The level of control that it affords users is another major factor that contributes to the GB WhatsApp popularity. For instance, GB WhatsApp comes with a broad choice of user-created themes that can be used to customize the app’s appearance. You are also able to modify the color of the notification icon as well as the icon that represents the app itself. Since we continue talking about control, you have the ability to force yourself to remain online for the whole twenty-four hours, but you should be aware that your battery may die soon.

In addition, rather than choosing one of the standard themes, you may create your own personalized theme from scratch. If you would also want to share it with other people, you may submit it to GB WhatsApp, and the app could just include it in the list of themes that it comes with. If you do this, you can also share it with others. Other aspects of GB WhatsApp that contribute to its one-of-a-kind atmosphere include the capacity to copy the status of other users directly to one’s clipboard as well as the elimination of duplicate copies of the sender’s name and date when multiple messages are copied.

You have the option to get a notification whenever your buddy goes online or whenever they make a change to their profile image. Some people could find it to be a little weird, while others would find it useful since they won’t have to keep checking to see whether their buddy is online in order to conduct a discussion that might need their complete concentration.

Advanced Privacy Control

People who do not use GBWhatsApp often claim concerns about their loss of privacy as the primary factor in their decision. On the other hand, this is not the case. You will have perfect privacy while using GBWhatsApp since it comes with a number of built-in options that allow your smartphone to let others know what you are doing and whether or not you are online at any given time.

Settings for the built-in privacy controls include, among other things, the ability to activate or disable the blue tick and the double tick, as well as the ability to see typing state, online status, and recording status. The GB Settings option, located in the top-right corner of the screen, gives you the ability to deactivate or enable the above-mentioned features.

Improved Chat Security 

If you have used the original WhatsApp, then you know there is no option to use a passcode when opening it. Well, the option is available in GBWhatsApp. You have the ability, using GBWhatsApp, to create a password for your GBWhatsApp messages, preventing others from accessing them if they’re going through your phone.

Comparison of Official Whatsapp VS GBWhatsapp

Since we are talking about the comparison, let’s look at the difference that we can find between GB WhatsApp and Original WhatsApp. On the basis of features, we are going to differentiate.

Message & Media Features 

GB WhatsApp is equipped with a number of wonderful tools for handling media files and communications that are not included in the standard version of WhatsApp.

You are only allowed to send a certain number of media files or messages, but upgrading to GB WhatsApp expands your capabilities and makes everything simpler and more extensive. Moreover, some additional features are-

  • In comparison, the standard version of WhatsApp only allows users to send voice messages that are up to 16 MB in size, but with GB WhatsApp, users can send voice messages that are up to 100 MB.
  • Instead of just being able to pick 30 photos at a time in the standard version of WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp gives you access to 90.
  • GB WhatsApp, unlike the original version of WhatsApp, which only allowed users to transfer files up to 16 MB in size, the modified version of WhatsApp lets users send files of up to 50 MB in size.

Privacy Feature 

The GB WhatsApp has some quite impressive additions to its privacy settings. You have complete control over everything in GB WhatsApp. You have complete control over who can access your profile, who can see the double tick, who can check your status, who can text you, and many other aspects of the interface.

How to Install GBWhatsApp 2022?

If you want to install GBWhatsApp 2022, then all you have to do is follow some easy steps-

  • Download the latest APK version of GBWhatsAppp so that you can install it.
  • Click on the APK file, and you will be redirected to the interface which allows the device to install.
  • If the system wants confirmation for installing the app for being an “unknown source,” then allow it, and the installation will be done after a few minutes.
  • After the installation, you can open the app and start using it right away.

How can I update my GBWhatsapp?

If you wish to update your GBWhatsApp, then you need to follow the following steps accordingly-

  1. First, open the GBWhatsApp on your device.
  2. Go to the More option, which is represented by three vertical dots, and pick GBSettings. Then scroll down until you find the Upgrade GB button and click it.
  3. You are free to proceed with the process of updating if there is a new version of the software currently available.
  4. Choose the ‘Web Downloads’ option if you are using an outdated version of GBWhatsApp.
  5. After selecting “Web Download,” you will be given the opportunity to pick the web browser that will be used to begin the process of updating the settings.
  6. To finish the process of updating, you will need to download the GBWhatsApp package and then start the installation procedure.

How to backup GBWhatsapp chat to google drive?

Backing up your GBWhatsapp chat is much easier than your think. Moreover, the steps that we are going to provide down below, which help you to walk you through the GB WhatsApp to Google Drive backup process in just a few clicks. The steps are as follows-

  1. By heading to the “Settings” section of your GBWhatsApp, you can generate a backup of the conversation.
  2. The next step is to download the original version of WhatsApp, but you shouldn’t open it just yet.
  3. You may retrieve your backup by opening the file manager and navigating to the GBWhatsApp directory. Your backup is likely stored under a name similar to MSGSTORE.DB.CRYPT12 in this directory.
  4. If you copy this and paste it into the directory of the original app, all of the information you had stored in the previous app will be transferred to the original WhatsApp.
  5. Finally, launch WhatsApp and restore all of the data from your backups to the new account you created for WhatsApp.

How to unhide Whatsapp chat in GBWhatsapp?

Since you are talking about unhiding the Whatsapp chat in GBWhatsapp, here are the steps you need to follow-

  1. Launch the GB WhatsApp application on your mobile device.
  2. Long-pressing the contacts that you wish to unhide allows you to choose them.
  3. Simply choose the three dots located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. A drop-down menu will appear on your screen. Choose the “Unhide Conversation” option from the menu to see the chat window.
  5. The conversations you have chosen will be brought back up on the home screen.

Does GBWhatsapp show hidden status? 

Yes, if you are using GBWhatsapp, then you can see the hidden status. There are two primary factors that contribute to one’s inability to see the status. One of the causes for this is that the individual did not put your number in their contact list. Another reason can be if the other person has blocked you from seeing the status.

Whichever the reasons are, GBWhatsapp helps to show hidden status.

Why is GBWhatsapp not working?

If you are encountering the problem where the GBWhatsApp is not working, then there can be several possibilities-

  • Incorrect settings for the security system.
  • The version of GBWhatsApp has become outdated.
  • Your phone has an excessive amount of additional cache.
  • Your phone has far too many applications that aren’t required loaded on it.
  • Difficulties with or glitches in the Android operating system.
  • The network connection is currently unavailable on your mobile device.

How to use GBWhatsapp without getting banned?

The latest modified version of WhatsApp, which is GBWhatsApp, can be used without getting banned because the developer has updated the version with an antiban feature. The antiban features help the user not get the temporary ban and continue using the application and enjoy other features.

Conclusion: Even though GBWhatsApp is an official app like WhatsApp that you’ll find on the Play Store, you can still download it through APKs online. But it is highly recommended to download the app from a reliable source or use the official website of GBWhatsApp for the purpose of using it. The precaution must be taken since an unreliable source can lead to getting viruses or malware on your device.

You can install the app easily by following our above-mentioned steps. To summarize, if you are okay with the restricted capabilities of WhatsApp, there is no need for you to install the GBWhatsApp on your device. In all other cases, you go for it, bringing one along with you!


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