How to Know Who Viewed My Profile on WhatsApp?

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If you have been using WhatsApp for a long time, you might wonder who is viewing your WhatsApp profile which leads to the question of “how to know who viewed my profile on WhatsApp?”

Unfortunately, that information is not available to the public. WhatsApp does not maintain logs of the users that have viewed other users’ profiles. Some third-party apps ( which are banned from the app store due to being not verified) claim to be able to show the information about who has viewed your WhatsApp profile, but all of these claims are fake since they are not telling the truth.

To answer it directly, there are actually no apps to find the information since WhatsApp is such a basic use app that it is mostly used to send texts or calls. It gives the option to give status, but unlike Instragam or Facebook, you don’t get the option to get likes and gain followers from the outside world. Therefore, unfortunately, it is not possible to find who has viewed your profile.

However, there is one way you can estimate who has viewed your profile by looking at the number of profile views that your profile has received. If you get a huge number of views in a short duration, then it is highly likely that someone you might know has viewed your profile.

How Can I Tell If Someone is Checking Me on WhatsApp Secretly?

There is actually no sure way to tell if someone is checking your Whatsapp message without taking their consent, but you can try a few methods that can help you catch them in the act. The first thing to look at is to find whether or not your phone suddenly lights up or makes a sound at the time of receiving a message even though you are not looking at it.

How Can I Hide Myself Being Online for a Specific Person on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, there is no solution to hiding your online status for only one specific person on WhatsApp. But there is an option where you can disable your “Online” status for all of your contacts. All you have to do is go to the Settings > Account > Privacy and disable the “Show my online status” option. Now everyone will see that you are not online.

Why Does My WhatsApp Show I am Online Even Though I am not?

The Reason for this to happen can be due to a few possibilities. One of the possibilities is that your smartphone is always on, even the times when you are not using it. It might happen if you set your smartphone to “Always On” mode. You will be surprised to know that even using a live wallpaper running can lead to showing your online. If that is the case, then you should try changing your settings or disabling live wallpapers. Another highly likely possibility is that even after you have closed the app, WhatsApp will continue to operate in the background.

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