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Qawwali, a sub-genre of Sufi music, has become integral part of the devotional music in the Indian & Pakistani Subcontinent. Founded in 13th century by Amir Khusrow, the Sufi qawwalis are performed in mosques , dargahs and shrines and portrays mysticism, philosophy & devotionalism. WhatsApp Groups has provided the platform where large numbers of people express and share their beliefs through Qawwali poetry and performance.

The purpose of these groups could vary from communities expressing their love for music , to arrange for community events and organized listening events, down to users simply sharing videos and thoughts on a particular qawwali performance or lyrical content. In some groups members also compete to recite poetry with each other in either Hindi, Urdu or Punjabi .

WhatsApp Group rules are created in order to keep a balanced environment within the community. Respect is given to all cultures no matter their tradition or background. Members should be active participants instead of lurkers who consume without contributing anything back. There should be no fighting or any derogatory words sent towards any group member or culture as this can lead to some serious issues within the group that effects its members overall experience negatively. No user is allowed to change whatsapp group name without permission from an admin .

Popular Sufi Qawwali topics spanning National and International boundaries include the teachings of Prophet Muhammad , Quotes from Hadiths & Holly Quran teachings. Above all it is important for all members within these respective groups to uphold integrity duty towards each other as well as become ambassadors of peace & unity message that all forms of religious expression sharing sends out loud & clear-that there can only be one religion & thats unconditional love for our fellow human beings .

User Guide

Joining a Qawwali WhatsApp group is an easy process. To get started, simply follow the steps below:
1. Choose one of the available Qawwali WhatsApp invite groups from the list above.
2. Click on the Join button to be added to the group.
3. Hurray! You will now be part of the Qawwali WhatsApp group.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What type of content is this Qawwali WhatsApp group about?
A: The content of this Qawwali WhatsApp group is typically related to song lyrics, religious talks and discussion topics related to spirituality and music.

Q: Is it safe to join these groups?
A: Yes, it is completely safe to join these Qawwali Whatsapp Groups as they are moderated by members who follow strict rules and regulations for all participants.

Joining an online Qawwali Whatsapp Group can be a great way for those interested in culture, music, and religion to connect with others like-minded people from around the world. If you follow the steps above, you can easily join a Qawwali Whatsapp Group today. Enjoy!

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