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Navaratri is a special festival that has been celebrated for centuries in Hindu culture. It is a nine-night celebration filled with devotional songs and group chants known as ‘bhajans’. To add to the festive atmosphere, people also set up ‘aartis’ or traditional light offerings during this period of celebration.

In today’s world of technology, Navaratri can now be enjoyed by joining WhatsApp groups dedicated to gathering bhajans and arranging aartis during the festival. By joining these groups you get notifications about discounts and other offers related to the festival. You also get the opportunity to share your own devotional music or light offering with other members of the group. However, it is important to follow certain rules while being part of an online Navaratri group, such as avoiding hate speech or anything else that might hurt someone’s feelings or violate their religious beliefs, regardless of their beliefs and background.

It is equally important to express respect for each individual in a group by using kind words and polite language, without being hostile towards any particular religion or culture. By following these simple rules we can ensure that Navaratri remains a joyous event for all who participate in it via WhatsApp. The groups free us from geographical limitations and allow us to come together in spirit to celebrate this special event in harmony.

Navaratri WhatsApp Group Links

User Guides
Joining a Navaratri WhatsApp group is a great way to stay connected with friends and family during the nine-day festival. Here are some simple steps to follow:
Step 1: Find a Navaratri WhatsApp group that you would like to join.
Step 2: Click on the “Join” button.
Step 3: Congratulations, you are now part of the Navaratri WhatsApp group!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What other ways can I connect with people during Navaratri?
A: There are plenty of ways to stay connected and celebrate Navaratri with friends and family. You can host online video chats, send e-cards, make video calls, or use any other social media platform like Instagram or Facebook.
Q: Can I be removed from the Navaratri WhatsApp group?
A: Yes! If at any point you wish to leave the group, simply select Leave Group from the options menu within the group chat on WhatsApp.
Navaratri is an exciting time for everyone, providing a great opportunity for family and friends to connect in meaningful ways. By following these simple steps, you will be able to join an engaging Navaratri WhatsApp group in no time!

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