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Many Jain communities have created WhatsApp groups to connect with each other and share information on their lifestyle. In these groups, members are encouraged to ask questions related to what they eat in routine meals and what to avoid while following a Jain diet.

Additionally, members are able to receive daily prayers, spiritual quotes, and religious videos for a daily dose of spirituality. Through these groups, members are connected with their fellow Jains from around the world, uniting them no matter the physical distance. It also serves as an educational tool for those just starting out on their spiritual journey.

Because of this, there are certain rules all members must follow in order to maintain a safe environment. Although freedom of speech is appreciated, hateful language about any member or community is not tolerated and can lead to expulsion from the group. Members must respect each other and feel free to help each other with any queries or issues they might have. It’s important that conversations be kept relevant and posts not be used as promotional material. If someone interested in changing the name of the group wants to do so, it’s essential to ask for permission from an admin first before doing so.

General etiquette when using WhatsApp groups is also applicable here; messages should only be sent at appropriate times of day and not too many messages should be sent at once. All members should feel free to participate openly otherwise a pleasant atmosphere won’t be created where all are comfortable conversing freely without worrying about judgement or criticism from others present in the group.

Furthermore, disciplining members who break any of these rules is also important as it sets grounds for expected behaviour from everyone else present in the group creating respect between all its participants which makes it easier for conversations to truly flow naturally without disruption or awkwardness.

User Guides

1. First, choose an appropriate WhatsApp invite group for Jain. There are various types of groups available, which may range from general discussions, social networks or informative discussion groups.
2. Once you have selected your desired group, hit the join button at the bottom of the page and wait for approval from a member of the group’s admins team.
3. After receiving approval to join the group, you will be added to the list of members and can start using the group to interact with other members.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Can I leave a Jain WhatsApp group if I am no longer interested?
A1: Yes, you can always leave a group if you no longer want to be part of it. All you have to do is exit from the group using the leave option provided within the chat interface.
Q2: Can I add my non-Jain friends in this group?
A2: You may be able to add non-Jain friends in this particular group if it has been specifically set up for such a purpose by an administrator of the group. However, if it is a more exclusive Jain related discussion forum then only Jains will likely be permitted access to it and any requests by non-Jain members may need to be approved by an admin before they can join.

Joining a WhatsApp invite for Jain is relatively easy and can help keep you connected with others who share your faith or interests. To ensure that everyone participating in these conversations are on same ground make sure that any non-Jain members have been approved by an admin before allowing access as it may disrupt existing conversational dynamics within more private discussion groups setup specifically for Jains only.

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