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Whether you’re sending a courier across town or across the world, being informed and aware of the process is essential. This is why Aramex has created WhatsApp Groups to help customers connect with them and gain access to crucial information they won’t be able to find anywhere else. Through these WhatsApp Groups, customers can get alerts about their online orders, track the exact location of their package in real time with a live location tracker, and even look up details like price and package weight before sending a shipment.

But beyond just being useful, it’s also important that these groups respect certain rules so that everybody remains courteous and kind. It’s highly encouraged for people to be helpful in the group while also respecting each other. We also remind members of the group not to change the name of the group without proper expressing permission from the admins handling it. This way, people remain on track with what they are seeking from the group while making sure everyone involved stays respectful and understanding throughout the entire process.

At Aramex, customer service always comes first. That is why we understand how essential it can be to be informed not just about your deliveries but about what’s going on at our end as well. Through joining one of our WhatsApp Groups you can rest assured knowing that no matter if your shipment is heading across town or around the world, you know exactly where it is every step of its journey.

Step 1: Open the list of WhatsApp groups associated with Aramex.
Step 2: Look for the most appropriate group for yourself and click on the ‘join’ button.
Step 3: After a few minutes, you will receive notifications and other messages from the group’s members.
Step 4: And now, you are officially part of the Aramex WhatsApp Group!

1. What type of messages can I expect when joining an Aramex WhatsApp Group?
Answer: When joining an Aramex WhatsApp Group, you can expect messages related to updates, events and networking opportunities from the group’s members.
2. Can I leave a WhatsApp group once I have joined it?
Answer: Yes, you can leave a WhatsApp group at any time by simply pressing and holding on the group name until more options appear and then selecting ‘Leave Group’.
3. How do I find Aramex related WhatsApp Groups?
Answer: You can easily access a list of Aramex related WhatsApp Groups through various social media platforms or websites that offer such access. Once you locate a suitable group for yourself, click on the ‘join’ button and wait for your approval from that Group’s admin/members to join it.
Joining an Aramex-related WhatsApp group is easy; all it requires is some research to choose the ideal one and a few clicks/taps while connecting with it online. It is a great way to stay updated about all news and events related to this dynamic company as well as access networking opportunities to meet like-minded professionals within your industry.

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